Rockfall Mitigation

We specialize in rock stabilization challenges of any size.  Here we installed over 30,000 sqft of cable net/DTWM
drapery held by 20 cable anchors to minimize rockfall hazards on Interstate 90.

Vertical Rockfall Work

Our project resume boasts vertical rock fall work exceeding 1000 feet, and railroad tunnels over a mile long.

Scaling cliffs with our Wagon Drill

We designed a special drill to easily scale vertical rock faces. Here we installed 60,000 lb post tension rock bolts secure an unstable rock mass and presses it against a stable rock mass behind it. 

Tunnel Rehabilitation

Rock Supremacy specializes in tunnel rehabilitation and has been involved in many large scale historic tunnel projects around Oregon and Washington.

Rock Stabilization Experts

above ground and underground rock stabilization

Rock Drilling

Drilling and installing rock dowels to secure tunnel liner footing.

Rock Drilling Expertise

We also specialize in small diameter blast hole line drilling for large scale road work.

Shotcrete Application

Here, we apply a 3 inch shotcrete layer for a major railway.

TECCO Stabilization System TM

Rock Supremacy installed over 20,000 sqft of a pinned TECCO system to stabilize a rock slope above a major railway.  
This system includes over (200) 30 foot long rock nails.

Rock Stabilization Experts

Rock Supremacy, LLC is a heavy construction company specializing in rockfall mitigation, slope stabilization, and tunnel rehabilitation. Rock Supremacy specializes in both above ground and underground rock stabilization. We have decades of experience dealing with rockfall mitigation and tunnel rehabilitation.  Over the years we have applied many different methods and materials to various projects; such as rock bolting, rock scaling, shotcrete application, and wire mesh drapery systems for rock slope protection.  Our team is highly skilled to tackle any drilling challenges that may be present.  Rock Supremacy has a fleet of specialized equipment to navigate through difficult terrain and drill in the toughest ground conditions.  If you have a rock stabilization problem Rock Supremacy is your solution.

Tunnel Rehabilitation

Rock Supremacy has an extensive background with tunnel projects. Damaged tunnels in need of stabilization can require steel set erection, road heading, tunnel notching, liner removal, as well as a complete seal with shotcrete.  We also specialize in underground pressure grouting, resin bonded anchors and underground rock scaling.

Rockfall Mitigation

Rock Supremacy is very skilled in stabilizing soil and rock slope conditions.  We have installed Geobrugg Tecco Mesh Pinned Systems & Deltax, cable netting, ring netting and double twist wire mesh.  Rock Supremacy also utilizes wet and dry mix process shotcrete, rock bolting, rock doweling, soil nailing, certified rock scalers, boulder busting, perimeter controlled blasting and more.  

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