About Us

Rock Supremacy's project resume boasts vertical rockfall work exceeding 1,000 feet, and railroad tunnels over a mile long.  We pride ourselves in being one of the few companies nationwide that has the experience and knowledge required to work on such extreme types of projects.  

Our Capabilities

Our experience and abilities include, but are not limited to, Rock Bolting, Rock Doweling,  Shotcrete application, wire mesh, cable netting, slope scaling, all types of drilling, steel sets, and collapsed tunnel remediation.

Our Team

We have built a team of skilled and experienced professionals with decades of combined experience in our niche of work and many other types of heavy construction and engineering fields.  This broad range of expertise and work history has enabled our company to expand aggressively since we first opened in 2011. At Rock Supremacy we pride ourselves in hard work and complete customer satisfaction.  Our top priority is our customers and our quality of work, no matter what circumstance, we will always strive for perfection. 

Materials and Equipment

Rock Supremacy is proficient in stabilizing soil and rock slopes using products such as Geobrugg Tecco Mesh, Cable netting, Ring netting, and double twist wire mesh.  We use both wet and dry mix process of Shotcrete, enabling more options for our customers.  We have accumulated an extensive fleet of equipment that enables us to work on short notice, such as emergency projects.  Through many years of adjusting and trials on projects, we have created our own special wagon drill that can be sent up vertical slopes and operated at the highest level of safety. We also have the ability to use a helicopter for mesh installation on tall vertical projects if needed.